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Smake Two Component Positioning System ON SALE

Smake Two Component Positioning System ON SALE

SPSI Price: $3,995.00

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Smake is a two component system Frame positioning & LED Beamer
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    Smake two-component-system Frame positioning & LED beamer

    Smake® Jump EPS - Easy Positioning System Smake Jump Easy Positioning System (EPS) The EPS is a device that utilizes Mighty Hoops and Hoopmaster fixtures which makes hooping easy! The EPS projects the image of the hoop and the artwork directly on the garment providing a high level of accuracy and consistency in embroidery output.

    Through projecting your design, frame size, and cross grid on the garment, aligning and hooping is a breeze. Smake® Offset Technique
    The Smake® VPW (value production workflow) module enables you to project the desired pattern straight onto the fabric via the LED Projector. Precise adjustments can be performed with the help of a touchscreen interface.   Smake® Software Package Basic
    * Stable, low vibration framework
    * Board with high-qualityY2X sliding-tracks,  ball bearing
    * 3 plate extensions made of aluminum
    (non-magnetic) * 3x adapter kit for your Mighty Hoop
    frameholder S, M, L
    *Projector Holder
    * Projector with Raspberry Pi
    * Table (non-magnetic) for frames,
    products and extensions
    * Interface with login for Frame  selection
    * Incl. automatic update function
    * Set of rolls
    * Tablet holder and arm
    * Portable

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    Continguous US only

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