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Schulze Pretreatmaker Basic
Schulze Pretreatmaker Basic
SPSI Price $3,850.00

PRETREATmaker BASIC is a entry-level model to pretreat textiles for Direct to Garment Printing.

Equipped with one spray nozzle. The maximum spray area is 40 cm in width and 45 cm in length. Width cannot be adjusted but length can be regulated in 9 steps (5 cm intervals). This model the user can spray uni- and bi-directional. Spray output can be regulated with the speed of the carriage.

Schulze Pretreatmaker BasicSchulze Pretreatmaker BasicSchulze Pretreatmaker BasicSchulze Pretreatmaker BasicSchulze Pretreatmaker BasicSchulze Pretreatmaker Basic

Entry-level Unit

  • The machine does have a big side wall that can be opened for interior cleaning. The unit does come with 3 tanks (2 x 2 L Precoating, 1 x 2 L Cleaner or Water). With a switch valve it is possible to change between the different tanks.
  • The unit does have a drain for excess precoating liquid in the back. The waste tank volume is 2 L
  • To purchase or for more information please contact

      Spraying area: B 40 cm x L 45 cm
    • Nozzles: 1
    • Length: In 5 cm intervals
    • Spray way: Uni- / bidirectional
    • Spraying method: Nozzles are moving over the table (inside)
    • Nozzle material: Plastic inc. stailness steel
    • Motor: Step motor
    • Defining application quantity: Speed
    • Carriage option (speed): 10
    • Pumps: 1
    • Tanks: 4x 2 L
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