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Action Engineering M&R® Winged Floodbar

Action Engineering M&R® Winged Floodbar

SPSI Price: $85.00

M&R® Style Winged Floodbar 16"
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    M&R® Style Winged Floodbar 16 in NEW & Improved Winged Floodbars - Easier to Clean - and 1/4" taller wings - The stainless steel attachment was moved to the front of the assembly. This change eliminated the area that previously trapped ink. The height of the wing was also increased making this winged flood bar the best ever. They save so much time and effort that they're almost justified in a couple of days production. Mix less ink, put less ink in your screen, and don't worry about having to scrape the ink from the sides of the frame back into the ink well. Winged Floodbars recapture the ink left by the squeegee stroke on the sides of the frame. They eliminate the need for stopping the machine to scrape the ink back to the ink well. 

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    Action Engineering M&R® Pallet

    Action Engineering M&R® Pallet

    SPSI Price: $156.00

    M&R® Style Standard Pallet 16" x 22"

    Action Engineering M&R® Standard EZ Clean Squeegees

    Action Engineering M&R® Standard EZ Clean Squeegees

    SPSI Price: $87.00

    Our Two Pieces - EZ Clean Squeegee comes with 70 Duro Rubber Installed.

    Action Engineering M&R® Double Stroke Squeegee

    Action Engineering M&R® Double Stroke Squeegee

    SPSI Price: $202.00

    Improved Double Stroke Squeegees eliminate the need for having to stroke your screen twice and give you more penetration through the screen and substrate.

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