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Chromaline ChromaStrip Screen Reclaimer (1 gallon)

Chromaline ChromaStrip Screen Reclaimer (1 gallon)

SPSI Price: $39.70

It is not only an oxidizer, but contains additional agents to enhance the oxidizer's efficiency and help it cut through residual ink films.
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    For use with direct emulsions, capillary films, and direct/indirect films. It is not only an oxidizer, but contains additional agents to enhance the oxidizer's efficiency and help it cut through residual ink films.

    Chromaline Screen Chemicals are specifically formulated for consistent results to maximize stencil performance.

    • Concentrated formula
    • Reclaims fast
    • No mixing, doesn't settle
    • Biodegradable
    • Helps reduce ghost images
    • Read all safety warnings and use suggested protective gear. Chroma/StripTM is generally safe when following instructions for use. However, breathing the vapors should be avoided when product has been atomized by using a spray applicator.
    • As soon as possible after printing, remove as much residual ink as possible before applying Chroma/StripTM. Tip: Old screens? If your unreclaimed screens have been around for a while and ink has dried into the screen, apply some screen wash to the image area and before it evaporates, apply Chroma/StripTM. This will help reduce haze and ghost images on the screen.
    • To reclaim screen, simply apply Chroma/StripTM to both sides of the screen. If using squirt applicator provided, scrub with a stiff nylon brush to ensure that the entire surface is wet.
    • Let Chroma/StripTM work for a few moments. The stencil is ready for removal when it begins to dissolve. Remove stencil residue with pressure washer. Don't let residue dry in screen or you may not be able to remove it.Tip: Using a pressure washer, begin removing the stencil from the bottom of the screen, then work your way toward the top. This is the most efficient way to remove a stencil. To reduce haze, pressure wash both sides of the screen.
    • Final rinse. Thoroughly flood screen and frame with water to remove any residual material. Chromaline recommends a garden type hose with a spray end to flood the area.
    Note: Chroma/StripTM quarts come with a squirt top. Many people use a spray applicator to apply reclaimers. Although this works very well, be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area and be careful not to breathe fumes. Adjust the head of your sprayer to minimize atomization yet give a good spray pattern.

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