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Chromaline UDC-HV Dual Cure Emulsion - Gallon
Chromaline UDC-HV Dual Cure Emulsion - Gallon
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This emulsion has high viscosity for easy coating on low or high mesh counts. Plus, UDC-HV offers excellent resistance to a wide range of inks and additives.

Color: Violet


  • Fast exposure with excellent image quality
  • Hard, durable stencils, resistant to the widest range of inks and additives
  • Superior mesh adhesion
  • Clear and dyed
  • Solvent, UV and plastisol ink resistant
  • High viscosity allows for easy coating on high or low mesh counts
Users Guide

Diazo Emulsion:
  • Textile Emulsion and some use in graphics printing too
  • Must use/mix Diazo
  • Must work under yellow light
  • *Use for Plastisol, Water base or Discharge inks.
  • Prior to mixing 1 year shelf life
  • Short shelf life after Diazo is mixed (4-6 weeks)
  • Widest exposure window
*Straight diazo emulsion can be formulated two different ways by changing the ratios of PVA to PVAc. One way the emulsion is very solvent resistant for use with solvent based inks, but not water resistant. (CP2) The other way makes it very water resistant for use with water based inks, but not solvent resistant. (CPTEX)
Dual Cure Emulsion:
  • Use with many types of inks
  • Must use/mix Diazo
  • Use for Plastisol, some Water base, Solvent and UV inks
  • Must work under yellow light
  • Use for Plastisol, Water base, solvent and UV Inks
  • Prior to mixing 1 year shelf life
  • Short shelf life after Diazo is mixed (4-6 weeks)
  • Wide exposure window
Photopolymer Emulsion:
  • Do Not Mix - Use straight out of bucket
  • Must work under yellow light
  • *Use for Plastisol typically
  • Must work under yellow light
  • Long shelf life
  • Fast exposing
  • Narrow exposure window
* Some Photopolymers are formulated to handle water-based inks, but read the label or check it out before purchasing
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