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International Coatings 900 Nylon Catalyst

International Coatings 900 Nylon Catalyst

SPSI Price: $11.50

The 900 series inks must be mixed with the 900 Catalyst before printing.
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    The 900 series inks must be mixed with the 900 Catalyst before printing. Catalyst should be thoroughly hand stirred into the ink to the following proportions:
    • By volume = 16 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
    • By weight = 20 parts ink to 1 part catalyst
    • 1 oz Catalyst to 1 pint of ink
    • 2 oz Catalyst to 1 quart of ink 
    • 8 oz Catalyst to 1 gallon of ink
    Ink may be used immediately after mixing. Do not mix more ink than is needed for a job. Do not under catalyze the ink. Pot life of mixed ink is 4 to 8 hours. Over catalyzation will shorten pot life of ink.

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    Stainless Steel Spatula 8"

    Stainless Steel Spatula 8"

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