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Thursday, February 8  -  Largo, Florida
@ Merch-Ops

Featuring Tony Palmer, Palmprint

Proper Screen Making * Simulated Process * Wet on Wet * Advanced Printing techniques

Take your screen printing skills to the next level by attending the 301 Advanced Screen Printing Workshop. This workshop will be led by Tony Palmer, Palmprint Consultant who will be giving you hands-on experience with advanced screen printing techniques.  Tony will cover simulated process, wet-on-wet printing, 4 color printing, set up on press, along with best practices in screen printing. This seminar is specifically designed for screen printers that are looking to fine tune their skill set and advance the quality of their prints. 

This workshop is not an entry-level to screen printing - that would be a 101 class.

SPSI is presenting the 301 Advanced Screen Printing Workshop at our partners state-of-the-art facility - Merch-Ops located in Largo, Florida.  Merch-Ops continues to invest and look at the best practices for screen printing, this is the perfect place for an advanced screen printing seminar. Tony will be printing on the MHM S-Type Xtreme with screens imaged on the Douthitt Computer-to-screen printer.

AGENDA - Thursday, February 8, 2024


Art Discussion & Art Separation

First we'll discuss the art and selection for various jobs. How to take complex art and prepare for the simulated process giving you amazing results.


Screen Making 

Taking an in depth look at various emulsions, the importance of proper set up in the screen room, and finally techniques in consistently making good image exposures on your screens.


Set up on press / Wet on Wet printing

There are some finesse tips that Tony can show you when setting up jobs. This is an important but often overlooked area, but it can help produce some amazing results.



There is so much to cover we will have lunch brought in so we can get right back to the job at hand.


Simulated Process

Tony will take you through a wet on wet simulated process that will produce amazing results. We'll set up a couple different jobs and give you some hands-on experience so you are comfortable to do this back at your shop.


Tips and best practices / Questions & Answers

We'll give you an opportunity to review some of the agenda or ask other questions of Tony and additional guests.

All screens will be set with emulsion from Chromaline Products. 

All print jobs run at this seminar are with Rutland Products / Avient Specialty Inks

T-Shirts provided by Fruit of the LOOM - One of the oldest brands in the world.


  • Merch Ops, 126th Avenue North, Largo, FL
  • Questions? You can Live Chat with us or email us:

Tony Palmer,  Palmprint

Tony Palmer

Tony has more than 30 years experience in garment decoration ranging from manual screen printing on hand carousels to the operation of multi-color automatic presses. He has helped shops all over the world elevate their 3 P's (processes, production, and profit) Tony comes to the United States quarterly and his appointments are scheduled through SPSI.
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Kevin Kauth, Chromaline Products

Kevin Kauth

Kevin Kauth is Chromaline’s Technical Sales Representative for the midwest/western region and has been with the company for the past 13+ years. Prior to his time at Chromaline, he held the Applications Specialist position at Sefar. His extensive knowledge base for mesh and emulsion provides the perfect combination of screen room support and he continues to give back to the screen printing community by teaching numerous seminars on the topic as well as being active in the Apparel Decorators Committee for Printing United Alliance.

Merch-Ops Screen Printing and Embroidery

The experienced staff at Merch Ops Screen Printing and Embroidery Services takes pride in quality workmanship, efficient production, and friendly service. Merch-ops  has worked with Tony Palmer on numerous occasions and much of what will be discussed in this seminar is in practice at Merch-ops facility. If you want to see a serious shop layout and not a showroom for cocktail parties,  you need to attend this seminar! more info

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If you are interested in spending more time on the MHM Automatics with Tony let us know
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