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Available up to 18 colors / 20 stations

MHM Synchroprint 5000

MHM Synchroprint is at the top of the class for automatic screen printing machines. This press features the latest technology equipped with M-Touch pro tablet control, industrial standard PCB,  the latest servo technology, and the GOTO registration. No longer will you have to catalog your art! After the first time, you set the screens up the press can save the settings in the system so next time you place the image on the screens with your Computer-to-screen printer all your operator has to do is place the screens in the pin registration, bring up the job on the press, and AUTO REG! You have to see it to believe it

  • Self-diagnostic operating system
  • Instant technical support via internet
  • Print job memory storage via main control unit
  • High-speed AC/Servo electric index
  • Single/double index (in both directions)
  • Print start/finish and sample modes
  • Production/batch counter
  • Skip/miss-loaded shirt button
  • Pre-heat pallets function
  • Powerful AC electric drive print heads
  • Control keypad on every print station
  • Individual 'chopper' squeegee system
  • Quick release squeegees & floodbars
  • Squeegee arm lift for increased visibility
  • Independent flood/print speed controls
  • Tool-free front/rear stroke length adjustment
  • Independent squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment
  • Squeegee pressure regulator on every station
  • MHM 'pin-lock' screen holding system
  • Adjustable screen holders for various frame sizes
  • Electronic centralized off contact adjustment
  • Full micro-registration with zero starting position
  • Aluminium honeycomb pallets
  • Push button super-fast pallet changeover
  • Flash cure adjustments from main control unit
  • Foot pedal with start and hold functions
  • Safety system (bars)

GOTOAutomatic 'GOTO' registration system with job memory. Set-up multi-color jobs in seconds by simply loading the first screen into the press and driving it to the correct position using the motorized micro-registration. Once your screens are in place press ‘GOTO’ and watch as all the remaining screens drive automatically to the same position, accurate to 0.01mm. Job re-call system stores the set-up data for an unlimited number of jobs including screen positions, squeegee/flood speeds and flash cure data making repeat production a breeze.


Built to last - Simple to use

Super-rigid pallet arm supports

Provide ZERO deflection and even print coverage over the entire image area.

Amazing attention to detail

Solid cast aluminum turntables which are guaranteed never to warp or twist .

Print arms raise for easy access

Unobstructed access to your screen, flood bars, squeegees, making clean up a breeze

Easy to use controls

All print stations have intuitive digital keypad with all the functionality your operator needs

M-Touch Pro

Tablet style main command center with wifi providing access no matter where you are

GOTO Registration System

Job recalls are set up in seconds- hit a button and they are driven into correct registration

Centralized off-contact adjustment

One command from the  M-Touch Pro moves all the screens instantly to the desired level.

Tool-free stroke length adjustment

No wires and no tools, just slide the front and rear stoppers to the desired position 

AC Drive print heads

Provide smooth, reliable and consistent print strokes at all speeds and pressures 

Tool-free angle adjustment

Easy adjustment with separate levers adjust the squeegee/flood bar angles. 

Push button pallet release

A single button press to unlock and change the pallets in a matter of seconds

MHM Pin Registration system

As true on all MHM automatics, the pin registration makes set up lighting fast!

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