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High Production Printing -Open House


  • Save Big by Thinking about Year-End Purchasing Now

    Save Big by Thinking about Year-End Purchasing Now

    If you've been thinking about a business equipment purchase, now is arguably the smartest time to do so. There are two HUGE reasons to expedite purchasing this year: Minimize cash out of pocket. Lock in today's pricing and payments for considerable savings. Accelerate...

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  • 5 Perks of Financing with a Direct Lender

    5 Perks of Financing with a Direct Lender

    Choosing a lender can be overwhelming. There are a wide variety of finance options out there...with pros and cons to each. But, regardless of what type of financing you choose, there really aren't any cons to working with a direct lender. If you polled...

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  • Financing versus Leasing


    Lease Verses Loan - by Adam S., Geneva Captial  For small businesses, there are two primary methods of financing: leasing and traditional bank loans. So which is better, financing or leasing? I mean, we are in the business of lease naturally we'd love to...

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  • SPSI Point Program

    SPSI Point Program

    SPSI is excited to offer a new points program for our online shoppers. Once you become a member you will earn points to redeem on our website to make purchases. Yep free money to use on equipment, inks, embroidery thread, emulsion and much more! 

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    Tony Palmer, Palmprint provides his TOP TEN TIPS for screen printers. Tony has been consulting in some of the biggest shops in the world. You want to become a better screen printer, make more money, and have fun while you are doing it? Read more....
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